Fruits might be nature’s candy, but it’s dried fruits that resemble closest to the artificial sugary stuff. Naturally sweet & high in nutrients – even picky eaters want it.

Organic Turkish Dried Fruits

Simply Natural’s Organic Turkish Dried Fruits is a nutritional powerhouse to boost your children’s overall development from a stronger immune system to a healthier gut.

Don’t get fooled by its size – dried fruits contain up to 3.5 times the fibre, vitamins & minerals of a fresh fruit. These naturally sweet titbits make a super nutritious snack for your little one (& you).

Its moist & natural sweetness are enough to enjoy the fibre-packed snack by itself. For a tastier spin, add it to smoothie, oatmeal, etc, check out more recipes here. Now available in a snack package so you can carry it anywhere.

1. Organic Dried Pitted Deglet Noor Dates

  • packed with essential nutrients, minerals & proteins to boost children’s growth & development
  • high in iron to produce healthy red blood cells
  • high in dietary fibre to aid digestion & tackle constipation

2. Organic Dried Pitted Prunes

  • known as the best remedy for constipation
  • high in potassium to boost heart health & blood pressure
  • high in antioxidants to neutralize free radical damage

3. Organic Dried Turkish Apricots

  • packed with iron to prevent anemia in kid
  • high in potassium to balance electrolyte levels
  • high in vitamin C & E to boost immune system

4. Organic Dried Smyrna Figs

  • packed with antimicrobial agents to boost immune system
  • rich in antioxidants to improve long-term health
  • rich in calcium to strengthen bone & muscle

5. Organic Dried White Mulberries

  • widely used in natural medicine to treat illness
  • rich in antioxidants to fight free radicals & limit oxidative stress
  • rich in polypheonols to keep blood vessels healthy

Certified organic by NASAA & nutritious by Disney Check, Simply Natural aims to bring nature’s best for your baby’s first solid foods discovery & take away your worries in finding wholesome baby food. Join in the fun with Organic Adventures Await today!

Why choose Simply Natural Turkish Dried Fruits?

Moist, sweet, tender with a velvety texture. Simply Natural’s Organic Turkish Dried Fruits uses only 100% premium dried fruits grown without chemical pesticides at the fertile soil and unique climate in Izmir, Turkey. Upon harvesting, the delicate fruits are meticulously sun-dried to create soft, succulent fruits accompanied with its natural sweetness.

1. 100% premium dried fruits
2. Picked ripe & sun-dried
3. Good source of dietary fibre
4. Natural remedy for constipation
5. Free from sulphur, preservative & additive
6. No sugar added
7. Soft texture & pitted
8. Available in snack package so you can carry it anywhere
9. Available in 5 various nutritious selections: Dates, Prunes, Apricots, Figs & White Mulberries

💡Did You Know?
Simply Natural’s Organic Turkish Dried Fruits are unsulphured and thus with a darker color.

*Sulphur Dioxide is commonly used as preservative in dried fruits to prevent oxidation and preserve the color of fruits. Though considered to have low toxicity, it may induce allergic reactions such as asthmatic attacks, headache and nausea in susceptible individuals.

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