Babies are ready for their first solid foods after hitting the big 6 months milestone. Instead of plain porridge or mashed fruits for celebration, how about we step it up a notch with organic baby noodles?

Simply Natural’s Organic Baby Noodles is a slurp-sedap kid series which provide a nutritious choice for health-conscious parents. Made from 20% organic fresh vegetable puree, it comes with a great source of protein and fiber to ease parents’ worries about in finding wholesome food.

With 50 years of noodle-making experience, we specially crafted springy smooth texture with shorter noodle length for easier chewing and swallowing. The best part? Ready in 5 minutes and go well with any recipes to save you the hassle.

Organic Beetroot Baby Noodle

  • packed with betalain that neutralizes toxins
  • high in folate for a healthier metabolism

Organic Sweet Potato Baby Noodle

  • packed with antioxidants to boost brain functions and respiratory health
  • high in fiber to aid digestion

Organic Pumpkin Baby Noodle

  • packed with beta carotene that preserves the immune system and vision
  • high in potassium to maintain a normal blood pressure level

Organic Spinach Baby Noodle

  • packed with complex carbohydrates for proper growth and development
  • high in iron to transport oxygen in the blood

Organic Carrot Baby Noodle

  • packed with vitamin A to ensure healthy development and vision

Organic Rainbow Baby Noodle

  • 5-in-1: carrot, spinach, potato, pumpkin & beetroot baby noodles

Whip up different healthy baby meals in no time with Simply Natural’s Organic Baby Noodle. Certified organic by NASAA and nutritious by Disney Check, join in the fun with Organic Adventures Await today!

1. Made with 20% organic vegetable puree and premium organic flour
2. High quality wheat flour certified to International Organic Standards
3. 1mm thickness to facilitate swallowing
4. No added salt, sugar, flavoring or coloring
5. Crafted with 50 year-old handmade noodle making technique
6. Good source of protein for tissues recovery and repair process
7. Good source of fiber to boost digestion
8. Ready in 5 minutes with endless recipes
9. Made at our own ISO22000, MESTI and NASAA organic certified noodle-making facility
10. Available in 6 various nutritious selections: Rainbow, Beetroot, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin,
Spinach and Carrot


NASAA Organic – National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia

Cooking Instructions:

1. Cook baby noodles in boiling water for 5 minutes.
2. Serve with soup, sauce or garnish of your choice.

Storage:  1. Keep in a cool and dry place away from direct light.

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