Zenxin's Journey

Mr Tai Kok Kong

Founder of ZENXIN

Mr Tai Seng Yee

Team Leader of Zenxin

How ZENXIN began its organic journey

It all began with 500 chickens Mr Tai Kok Kong, Founder of ZENXIN Organic Food has.

The environmentalist in him did not want to resort to dumping chicken manure and polluting the ground and Mr Tai Kok Kong ventured into the composting business in 1999.

On one of his trips to Cameron Highlands, Mr Tai Kok Kong was introduced to organic farming. When he tasted organic cabbage, he was intrigued and bought a full load of organic cabbage and distributed these to all of his friends in Kluang.

It was on this day the seed of ZENXIN took root.

Driven by passion, determination and strong people skills, Mr Tai Kok Kong grew ZENXIN to become one of the leading organic food companies in Asia. ZENXIN or 诚兴, in Chinese, denotes sincerity and honesty.

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