6 Reasons Why Organic Farming is Kinder To Our Planet

From 2001, ZENXIN has been working proactively in Malaysia to convert farmlands into organic ones. The ongoing effort has to date, amassed more than 330 acres of organic farmland.

While the list of reasons below is not exhaustive, they are the core reasons why ZENXIN is so committed to farming organically. 

  1. ZENXIN supports organic farming which helps to slow down climate change by capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide and incorporating it into the soil, thereby preventing further contribution to Green house Effect. 
  2. Organic farming promotes micro nutrient-dense soil to grow crops.
  3. No synthetic fertilisers and pesticides are used in ZENXIN organic farms. 
  4. By not contributing chemical residues, harmful pesticides, toxic fertilisers and fossil fuels, ZENXIN’s efforts lead on to protect water quality. 
  5. In all its organic farms, ZENXIN encourages biodiversity, protects animal health and welfare.
  6. In all ZENXIN organic farms, 10% of farmland is reserved for wildlife.

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