Did you know that raisins were used by the ancient Romans as barter currency and awards in sports events? Today, they’re no longer used for those purposes but are still a much-appreciated, nutritious snack.

Grown pesticide-free in the fertile soils and unique climate in Izmir, a western city in Turkey, our raisins are picked ripe and meticulously sun-dried to create soft, succulent fruits accompanied with its natural sweetness. These healthy delights are certified organic by NASAA and USDA. Also available in 6x20g mini packs. 

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  • Good source of iron, potassium, and vitamin B6
  • Rich in fibre and aids digestion
  • Gluten-free and suitable for vegans
  • Naturally sun-dried

Do you know?

Simply Natural’s Organic Turkish Dried Fruits are unsulphured thus with darker colour.

Sulphur dioxide is commonly used as preservatives in dried fruits to prevent oxidation and preserve the colour of the fruits. Though considered to have low toxicity, it may induce allergic reactions such as asthmatic attacks, headache and nausea in susceptible individuals.

Sulphured raisin (brighter colour) VS
Unsulphured raisin (darker colour)

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