So, your baby starts showing an interest in the food you eat. As a parent, you want to feed your baby the best of the best, hoping he or she could grow up healthy and happy. To fulfill this, there’s no better way than to ensure that your baby enjoys a proper, natural and balanced nutrition! If you’re wondering where to start: organic food just does the trick. In fact, the earlier it is included in your little one’s diet, the better their wellbeing.

👇Top reasons why organics are the most ideal
first solid food choice for your growing baby

Free from toxic chemicals to protect your newborn

Conventionally-grown or non-organic foods contain residues of chemical pesticides and fertilisers. These chemicals could cause adverse effects on our bodies, especially those of babies due to their immature and still-developing immune systems. In other words, babies are at greater risk for illnesses when exposed to the chemicals. However, by feeding them organic first solid foods, you can safeguard your baby’s health against harsh chemicals and nourish their delicate bodies with all-natural, wholesome nutrients.

Organic products go through stringent quality inspection

Organic products are thoroughly inspected to guarantee their authenticity and strict compliance to recognised organic standards; that is, a product can only be ‘Certified Organic’ when it fully adheres to organic farming methods and guidelines, such as using organic compost and natural pest control approach, rather than harmful farming chemicals. Hence, when it comes to organic baby food products, rest assured that what you see is what you get, for your child’s healthy growth!

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Since 2001, ZENXIN ventured into organic farming with a total size of 215 acres of farmland. In 2009, all of ZENXIN’s production chains have been ‘Certified Organic’ by The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA), one of the oldest and most trustworthy organic certification bodies in Australia and in the world. These efforts have been made to ensure full organic traceability in each and every ZENXIN and SIMPLY NATURAL organic product for its customers.

Learn more about ZENXIN’s certified organic network HERE.

Lays the foundation for a healthier life

Since organic first solid foods for babies contain no processed or artificial ingredients that pose a health risk, they are a cornerstone for a stronger immunity in your precious one! Besides, infants eating a healthier diet are more likely to continue doing so throughout later life stages. This helps them to achieve a lifelong healthy living.

Okay but…what kinds of organic first foods should I give my baby? Read on to discover more!

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